At SkipRoaming we believe that our revolutionary products will lead to an explosive sales performance. Our intent is to grow organically with a vision of making each and every international traveller a SkipRoaming customer. So far we are privately funded. However, to take advantage of fantastic "first to market" benefits, SkipRoaming is actively seeking strategic investment and growth capital to support ongoing sales efforts, product line development, marketing, production operations and product distribution.

SkipRoaming intends to actively attract self-accredited high net worth individuals, Private investors, individual Venture Capitalists, and Venture Capital firms in return for owning an attractive portion of this high growth company.

We have also set a price of 25,000 Euros for a turnkey distributor setup if you are interested in launching SkipRoaming in any European country (e.g. France, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey etc.). If you would like to be a part of this high growth business please get in touch with us.

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